A Rental Property Locator Who Knows Great Management

Ready to make the jump to renting a condo or duplex in San Marcos, TX? Prime PMC has done all the hard work for you. We’ve found the best properties in the area, so you’ll know the management is top notch. We offer our tenants the best attention – see where you could be living in San Marcos, TX.

1. Crest Drive Duplexes
The first duplexes for rent in San Marcos are the Crest Drive duplexes. These great properties are located just off Ranch Road 12. Our rental property locator will direct you to these duplexes if you want to stay clear of downtown San Marcos traffic, while enjoying the convenience of Purgatory Creek’s walking, hiking, and biking trails. These duplexes for rent could be perfect for you!

2. Cedargrove Duplexes
Next up, our Cedargrove duplexes. These duplexes for rent are known for their large yards and plenty of breathing room. Our rental property locator will highlight the space for any lifestyle. Plus, you will enjoy the privacy of your own home – instead of being crammed into an uncomfortable apartment. Ask about these duplexes for rent if you are ready to leave the apartment life behind!

3. Sagewood Duplexes
Our final duplexes for rent are the Sagewood duplexes. These are perfect for someone looking for the independence of living in a private duplex – while avoiding the business of a large apartment lifestyle. Our rental property locator will show you the perks of a large yard with plenty of space for outdoor and indoor entertaining at these duplexes for rent.

4. Condos for Rent
Finally, Prime PMC offers condos for rent all across Central Texas. Feel free to contact our rental property locator to learn more about these great properties. You are sure to find something you’ll love in an area you want! Scroll down to our Contact section to get the conversation started.

A Rental Property Locator Who Knows Great Management

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