An Apartment Locator That Knows Great Management

Are you looking for apartments for rent? Don’t feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of apartments in San Marcos, TX. Prime PMC is here to offer you help as an apartment locator. As a property management company, we’ve done all the hard work for you. We’ve found the BEST apartments for rent. Plus, once you start working with our apartment locator service, if you select a Prime PMC apartment, we’ll be your management – and we know how to keep our tenants happy! See three of our Prime PMC apartments in San Marcos, TX.

1. Logan Ridge Apartments
If you tell our apartment locator that you want an apartment near the Texas State University campus with a great price and a peaceful study environment, they’ll direct you to the Logan Ridge apartments. These apartments for rent start at just $550 a bedroom, but are located less than a mile from campus. A great option for you if you’re tired of the hustle and bustle of other apartments in San Marcos, TX.

2. Peach Tree Lofts
Although, technically, the Peach Tree Lofts are not apartments, they are a great option for those not satisfied with the apartments for rent they’ve seen so far. Located within walking distance to campus, these lofts start at just $625 per person – easily competing with any of the apartments in San Marcos. If you are looking for high quality housing features, our apartment locator will direct you to the Peach Tree Lofts. Enjoy these 2 bedroom, 2 bath floor plans with walk in closets today!

3. Millennium on Post
Our final apartments for rent are in a brand new complex! The Millennium on Post includes all the features you look for in apartments in San Marcos, TX: a pool, hot tub, gym, and luxury features. Our apartment locator will direct you to this area if you prefer quiet study time at home and are looking for a great price!

All of these apartments for rent, managed by Prime PMC could be your next home! Read up on the great feature Prime offers to their tenants and see why you should live in a Prime apartment!

An Apartment Locator That Knows Great Management

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