Homes for rent in San Marcos, TX

If you are looking for homes for rent in San Marcos, TX, check out our local listings and fill out your paperwork online today!

Buying a house is a huge commitment and a long term one at that, renting a home is much shorter term with less responsibility than a house would demand. Our clients come first here at Prime Property and our goal is to provide a great selection of homes for rent in San Marcos, TX. There are many reasons someone would stray away from buying a house like the property taxes, home insurance, possible high cost issues, long term contracts, and yardwork and landscaping just to name a few! Renting a home comes with the benefits of owning a home, with less hassle and stress!

Do you want to live in the same place for the next 15-30 years? That’s how long a mortgage will last! Selling it before the mortgage has ended is possible of course, but it can be a hassle. Much more of a hassle than a lease ending, all you have to do is pack up and move out! Property taxes can also be expensive, especially when they increase over the years, homes for rent in San Marcos, TX don’t charge property taxes, and the monthly payment is fixed. When you rent a home you know exactly what your finances are getting into.

Getting stuck in a money pit of a house can be a nightmare which make homes for rent in San Marcos, TX a great option for those not wanting to buy. Our friendly staff would be glad to assist in finding the best apartments available. Prime Property Management is a perfect place to look if you want to see homes for rent in San Marcos, TX!

Homes for rent in San Marcos, TX

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