Property management in San Marcos, TX

If you are in search of reliable property management in San Marcos, TX, Prime PMC is just the place for you, get in contact with us today!

Prime PMC offers property management in San Marcos, TX for landlords looking to save on time and hassle! We save you time and hassle by marketing your vacant units, collecting rent, handling maintenance, repair issues, responding to complaints from renters, and dealing with evictions. When you choose a Prime, you can relax with your rental income and stress free.

Being a landlord can be a big job for just one house but for multiple houses it can be downright overwhelming, what you need is property management in San Marcos, TX! The reason we do property management in San Marcos, TX the best has to do with our prompt and reliable staff who always treats you and your renters with kindness and respect. Most landlords don’t have the time to go drop off a key every time a tenant loses one, or go show the unit multiple times a week. You could hire a resident manager, however you will have to deal with payroll and a lot of other legal issues due to your employer status, when you use a 3rd party company, like Prime PMC for your property management these issues are avoided.

Property management in San Marcos, TX is a no brainer for someone with limited time, or many units to care for. Bearing the responsibility of service and maintenance over a rental unit is hard work that takes a lot of time, let Prime PMC manage your property and have peace of mind knowing your tenants and your property is taken care of! Contact us today to get on your way to a stress-free income!

 Property management in San Marcos, TX

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